Togethernet is an open line of a communication platform that was created with the ethos of disclosure and consent in mind. Through rethinking technology infrastructure and user experience, the objective is to convert digital rights policies into actual practice. Togetherness is an open-source tool designed for individuals who work in the fields of art and technology. It allows users to contribute, remix, and pluralize the source code and rules in order to build a genuinely horizontal platform that reflects the requirements of its users. It demonstrates the possibility for a new type of local software development that prioritizes digital rights and community building from the start. When using the software it was simple to communicate with others when it was a small number amount of users using the software. I found Togethernet compelling due to the fact of how it differed from any other communicating applications. One alteration I would make is probably to have where a bunch of people can join at the same time and use the software. Because After ten people the software would not let anyone join.!