PART 1 The majority of open-source assistance is free and accessible through internet communities. Many software businesses also offer free online assistance as well as various degrees of paid support. The majority of companies that develop open-source software also provide maintenance and support. One could believe that open source software is only useful to computer programmers who enjoy tinkering with the code. Open source advances help both programmers and ordinary consumers. In reality, even if they are unaware of it, all users of digital equipment interact with open-source software. a visual representation of What are some of the drawbacks of working with open-source software? Users of open-source software do not face vendor lock-ins, as they do with proprietary software. Even if there are features that are unnecessary, consumers may easily eliminate them. This is due to the fact that the source code might be changed at any time. Users are not required to follow the provider's guidelines. There is a community for open source. People that openly offer their knowledge and are pleased when others learn from them and create something new and maybe better. I value the people and the sharing the most out of all of its fantastic aspects. True, certain projects attract pompous individuals who appear to exist just to make others feel inferior, but this occurs outside of OS as well. Open source is a loosely structured, ad-hoc community of contributors from across the world who have a passion for solving a shared need, ranging from little initiatives to large-scale advancements, which they carry out utilizing a high-performance collaborative development environment (CDE). PART 2 The open source I chose to do a game terminal. The terminal is accessed through the command line. There are games that can be played in the terminal. While lurking in this open source, my first step to contribute was to deeply look into the project and see what I can do. The maker of the project did not have a well written and index file. I saw that issue and came up with the decision that's how I will contribute. The community of this open source project consists of a few beginner developers working together to add more games in the terminal. At first there was an issue of game ideas and one was a snake game. Which I did code and created a pull request. It was another way of me contributing to the project. The next steps is to put everything together and get my commit on the project.